Saturday, April 21, 2012

Azama Grill

Azama Grill
54 Harvard Ave
Allston, MA 02134
(617) 779-0003

Azama Grill, nestled in the heart of Allston Center, has become a staple for college students and other local residents. They serve a variety of Mediterranean delicacies, from falafel wraps to lamb chops, all at a very wallet friendly price. Specifically the wraps are an amazing deal, ranging from $4.50 (for vegetarian options) up to $6.50. All the sandwiches are served fresh with an ample amount of toppings including pickles, their own salad and tahini sauce. Their other meal options include different types of kabobs served with sides, as well as homemade spinach or meat pies for $3.00. Azama Grill provides a great break from the regular American fare and the best part is they keep their doors open Monday-Sunday until 2 am.

With that being said, Azama is not a sit-down style restaurant where one can sit and be waited on. The location is small but they do provide tables and chairs for people to stay and enjoy their meals. All of the ordering is done at a counter, and although it is not the most luxurious of settings, while standing there you are able to see all the magic that is happening in their open kitchen. If you are unable to get to their Harvard Ave. location they also provide delivery service to the surrounding areas. 

I would not recommend bringing someone here on a date or a special occasion, but definitely suggest stopping in and grabbing a bite to go. I personally go to Azama whenever I get the chance and have never heard of anyone being disappointed with their meals. If it is your first time visiting or eating Middle Eastern style food I would urge you to try the falafel roll up. Unlike other various falafel places in the Boston Area, they serve their wraps with three large falafel balls and plenty of fixings. Most of the time, I can only get through half and then save the other half for later. It’s a great, unknown, little gem in Boston and if two people can eat somewhere for under $10.00 then it’s definitely worth checking out!

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