Monday, April 23, 2012

Asian Taste

    After a long day of work and school, sometimes I just don't feel like cooking or eating leftovers. Those are the nights I want to order delivery that’s fast and filling and I am usually hungry for delicious, addictive Chinese food. My favorite place to order from is Asian Taste in Medford. It’s located at 207 Middlesex Avenue, Medford, MA 02155: a quick walk or bus ride from Wellington Station.
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    My father and I habitually order their combination plates: an entrée, two appetizers and pork fried or white rice. The portion size is enough for two meals with the rice taking up half the Styrofoam container. I’ll get white rice, orange flavored chicken with steamed broccoli, spare ribs, and scallion pancakes. The orange chicken is filling by itself; large pieces of white meat chicken coated in a spicy orange sauce. Dad enjoys a similar combination, but prefers the spicy orange beef and the occasional side of crab rangoon. Together both plates come to $18.00 or $9.00 per plate plus tax; two meals for under $25.00.

    We typically order delivery, but if we're out we will stop by the restaurant. Asian Taste is small; the counter is directly in front of you when you walk in with a few chairs to wait by the window on the right. To the left of the counter is the dining room with six tables; on most visits, I see groups sitting down with one or two couples. You might see the lone patron enjoying the lunch specials. The staff is welcoming, efficient and professional; they are ready to take your order as soon as you enter and patient if you need time to think. Asian Taste’s atmosphere is relaxed; a small Buddha rests by the side of the counter, lucky golden cats are nearby and murals with Chinese characters hang on the walls. You can watch as the cooks prep dishes behind the counter; the sounds of woks frying little delicacies and the flash of fire make for an entertaining experience. The food always arrives hot and fresh. Patrons can chose from Chinese, Vegetarian and Seafood options. I’ve never waited more than 15 minutes for a to-go order. Delivery in the Medford area is specified as 30-45 minutes, but it arrives within a half hour in most cases. 

    They've recently revamped their website: the full menu is presented with pricing by small and regular portions, online ordering is now an option, there’s an interactive Google Map and the restaurant’s hours and ordering information is on the About page. The site is easily navigable and direct with its simple layout. Stop in, call or order online Asian Taste if you are in the mood for some cheap, but delightful Chinese takeout.

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