Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Edition

JetBlue Airways has just introduced a new safety feature to its airplanes, The Jet Blue Ninja. Following past incidents, that involved a flight attendant going crazy and now recently a JetBlue Airways pilot going nuts mid flight, JetBlue has decided to go ahead and beat the rest of the airlines to the punch (literally) and give passengers a new unique safety feature. 

This new innovative safety feature is activated when sensors on the plane are triggered and detect a crewmember losing their their mind. When this happens, the ninja springs into action from a hidden compartment in the plane and utilizes ancient martial arts skills to subdue the crew member, usually with a non-lethal kick to the face.

After its first test flight on board a plane, passenger Brad Jones of Tampa Bay, Florida said, “I feel safe knowing that a crazy crew member will be taken care of, while I’m trying to relax in my uncomfortable seat with no leg room, while watching the newest Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. Have you ever tried to sleep on one of those things? It is impossible but the ninja thing is bad ass though.” 

JetBlue hopes to also use this new safety feature when dealing with passengers who try to start small talk with their neighbors, when obviously those people are trying to sleep.

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