Monday, December 12, 2011


High-end food for low-end prices…who doesn’t love that?  Rendezvous, a restaurant located in Central Square is usually an expensive restaurant. However, on Monday nights from 5pm-10pm they have a Tapas Menu with prices ranging from 4-7 dollars. This special menu is only served at the bar where “in the know” Foodies can sit, relax, and enjoy watching the bartenders muddle tasty concoctions.  Sena Kwasnik, a hostess at Rendezvous states, “The bar has a relaxing hip vibe to it. Monday nights are always full of different kinds of people. Business men, college students, and people on dates are all enjoying delectable tapas, and our tasty cocktails.”  Rendezvous differs from many other restaurants because they get the majority of their items from local markets and nearby fishermen.  They also grow many of their own herbs on their roof deck, making every dish as fresh as possible.

The Tapas Menu has an mouthwatering array of delicious dishes including: fried oysters, roasted baby brussel sprouts, Prince Edward Island mussels, and my personal favorite, spicy friend chick peas with kale.  These Tapas dishes are bursting with unique flavors and generous portions.  I went to Rendezvous with one other person; we both had empty stomachs and could not wait to devour our food.  I ordered the Mint Cucumber cocktail; I am usually not a gin drinker, but it was a heavenly libation.   The muddled fresh mint and cucumbers made the drink so refreshing and it went really well with our fish dishes.  My friend was not in the mood for an alcoholic beverage so she got the Gulab Sharbat, a delicious concoction of lemon, pomegranate, cardamom, soda water and the best part and most amazing ingredient-rose petals.  When putting the drink to your mouth your nose is filled with the sweet and delicate smell of roses.

We ordered fried oysters, baby brussel sprouts, spicy bluefish cakes, and the PEI mussels.  There was an abundant amount of fried oysters per serving, at least 8-10.  There were about twelve PEI mussels served with freshly baked bread from Iggy’s Bakery.  I began to feel full after these two dishes but we still had two more dishes to dig into.  The spicy bluefish cake was rich in flavor and had a zesty kick to it.  The brussel sprouts were steamed and had diced bacon bits sprinkled on top.

The diversity between dishes, mouthwatering tastes, and cheap prices can’t be beat.  When the bill came I was in shock that after all of that food and two drinks we only had to pay $32.00.  My Mint Cucumber cocktail was the most expensive item on our bill, priced at $12.00, and it was worth every penny.  So, if you’re looking to impress someone with your hipness or just want a taste of high quality food that won’t make a dent in your wallet, try Rendezvous on a Monday night.

502 Massachusetts Avenue in Central Square in Cambridge
Tapas Menu $4-7
Cocktail Menu $4-12

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