Sunday, December 11, 2011

Local Cheap and Good Foods

Town Pizza of Norwood is the perfect place to go with friends or family if you are looking to find good food and drinks at a very low price. With all of the basic menu items of a pizza place and more, Town Pizza offers something for everyone’s taste buds.

Their appetizers and side orders are all between $3.00 and $7.75 and are highlighted by barbeque wings, garlic bread, and chicken fingers. One thing that I have great admiration for is the amount of effort that is put into making the chicken fingers from scratch. As most pizza places and cheap restaurants buy frozen chicken fingers, Town Pizza’s general manager James Adamos personally makes his own. “The most important thing for us as a business is to keep the customers happy,” James says, “Because there are so many other pizza places in this town, we are given the task of making sure our product is unique. If there is a pizza place on every corner, what is so good about ours?”

The process starts by taking fresh chicken breasts and beating them down. He then dips them in egg batter followed by a flour and bread crumb mix and then repeats the process. One can only imagine the amount of time that is spent on these chicken fingers alone.

All dinner plates are served with the choice of either rice of fries and a side salad. The plates are between $8.75 and $9.90 and include an amazing grilled steak tips, grilled chicken, and fresh fish. My personal favorite, the steak tips are marinated with a specialty house marinade for a full two days before serving, giving them a taste, texture, and quality that you will find at a Steakhouse restaurant.

Town Pizza’s sub menu has over 25 different and delicious combinations. The subs are served either small or large and are all between $4.45 and $6.90. My personal favorites include the gyro on a pita, a fresh mix of beef and lamb served on pita bread with tzaziki sauce, onion, and tomato, and the ham and egg sub, that is seasoned with a tasty, unique blend of Mediterranean spices.

Their refreshments include all of the Coca Cola products, vitamin waters, and various beers and wines. All non alcoholic beverages are between $1.25 and $3.00. All beers are $2.75 and all glasses of wine are $3.50. For desert, you have the option of various ice creams and frozen pies for $2.90 each.

Last weekend I chose to spend my Saturday watching college football on the big screen at Town Pizza. For less than $25 dollars I was able to order four beers, a dinner plate, and a desert. If you are looking for fresh, well prepared, and cheap foods, Town Pizza is a must try. Their gourmet twist on conventional pizza place food is what makes them unique. And let us not forget that any dining area with a big screen is a perfect place for cheap alcoholic drinks to be served.

Town Pizza
20 Broadway Street, Norwood Ma

Appetizers: $3.00-7.75
Dinner Plates: $8.75-9.90
Subs: $4.45-6.90
Drinks: $1.25-3.50

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