Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Death Proof: Cars, Girls, and Pyscho Killers

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Love him or hate him, film director Quentin Tarantino and his movies receive a large amount of criticism. People either rave about his genius, or bash him for his grotesque sense of humor. Either way Tarantino's movies are incredibly well known. However, there is one movie that people seem to be surprisingly oblivious to. This is a shame because "Death Proof" is one of the most original movies Tarantino has ever made. Yes, Kill Bill was genius. Pulp Fiction was a classic, and Inglorious Basterds was great. That being said, Death Proof happens to be one of his best works yet.

Death Proof was one part of Grindhouse which was a double feature experience for the ages. Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino both combined their own films together and created another cult classic. While Rodriguez’s Planet Terror was enjoyable it was Death Proof that stole the show. The movie stars Kurt Russell as the deranged pyscho killer “Stuntman Mike” who finds enjoyment in killing young women. With his car! While Stuntman Mike is the main character, it is the ladies who make this movie more than your average “slasher." The first part of the movie features three women named Jungle Julia (Sydney Portier), Butterfly (Vanessa Ferlito), and Shanna (Jordan Ladd). These three women are on a road trip to go to Shanna’s lake house for a “girl’s weekend." However, little do they know, they are being followed by “Stuntman Mike.” As the movie progresses, you are able to see the comedic aspect that makes this movie shine. The girls are simply hilarious! Tarantino is known for his use of long dialogue in his films. However this film is dialogue full. It is the conversations and the little aspects of this film that captivate the viewer.

Eventually these three girls get killed (In Tarantino fashion) as Stuntman Mike collides with them on the road, barely making it alive himself. Just when you started to like these girls, they’re gone. After a few months, Stuntman Mike is back at it again, this time with a new set of girls on his list. These girls are Abby (Rosario Dawson), Kim (Tracie Thoms) and Zoe Bell as herself. Now here’s where the movie gets serious. After the girls take a Vanishing Point looking Dodge Challenger out for a stunt drive, Stuntman strikes again. The most entertaining car chase I have ever witnessed ensues, which lasts for seemingly almost an hour. This time the girls flip the script, and Stuntman gets what he deserves. This film started off with a few laughs, and ended in rather thrilling fashion. Throw in the occasional “Stuntman” sighting, and you get a masterpiece, which is what we have come accustomed to seeing from Tarantino. Death Proof is a classic, and everyone should see this movie! Especially if you're a Tarantino fan, and if you're not this movie will turn you into one.

death proof Pictures, Images and Photos

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