Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Best Burritos In Town

A great and cheap place to satisfy your burrito fix is Anna's Taqueria. Anna's has six locations around Somerville, Cambridge and Brookline and offers authentic Mexican food at inexpensive prices. From the moment that you walk in, the scent of roasting vegetables and succulent meat hits your nose and you know that you are in for a real treat. The staff is warm and knowledgeable, making your handcrafted burrito, quesadilla or plate with a dexterity that boggles the mind and tempts the tummy. Once you pay and make your way to the seating area, decorated with wood tones to make you feel right at home, all your attention is on the well made and delicious meal.

Anna's Porter Square location

Anna's offers all kinds of fillings, from spicy beef and hot peppers as well as milder ones such as roasted chicken and lengua, a juicy, marinated beef tongue that is to die for. Anna's also offers Mexican sodas and horchata, an almond drink native to Mexico that goes fantastically with their specialty, a Super Boiled Chicken Burrito. They also offer a scrumptious breakfast burrito made of eggs, bacon and vegetables. Toppings include fresh guacamole, salsa, sour cream and to make it hot, jalapenos and a green hot sauce that gives a great kick.

All this plus warm tortilla chips and a drink will run you just $10. Plates and extra s are only a few dollars more and the portion size is generous. Perfect for any meal of the day, Anna's Taqueria is your destination for excellent and inexpensive Mexican food.

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