Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Acclaimed Author K.C. Frederick Reads at UMass

By Nick DeLuca

K.C. Frederick stood at the podium, his gaunt face almost releasing a smile in response to the warm applause from his audience. Dubbed “a great author and an even better friend” by constituent Shaun O’Connell, Frederick graced the University of Massachusetts Boston with an excerpt from his book After Lyletown.

The story revolves around the protagonist, Allen, a successful lawyer with a past that comes to haunt him. Frederick’s crafty descriptions of the revolutionary actions in the 1960’s act as a time machine catapulting the audience into an era of political unrest. The verbal illustrations of Allen “flying from smoking cannabis” and his viewing of “posters on the wall of Dylan, Che and Stokely, like the saints in old churches, the measure of our dreams and aspirations” allow the audience to set themselves next to Allen in radical America.

Frederick describes his writing process as being simply “a matter of trust.” The author of over 40 works of prose consisting of short stories and novels, Frederick, a former English professor at UMass Boston, wowed the audience with his eloquent narrative and personified reading. 

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