Friday, August 26, 2011

Why Love that Dirty Water?

If you’re a New Englander, you’re probably familiar with the Boston Red Sox. On that note, pretty much everyone on Earth is familiar with the Boston Red Sox. But it is only once you’ve been to Fenway Park and have witnessed a victory by the fabled team that one can truly understand what it is that we love about New England sports so much and why we are known as some of the most passionate sports fans on the planet. Why exactly do we “love that dirty water?”

I figured that the best way to discover what lies in the hearts of all New Englanders was to get out there and ask them. After all, this isn’t New York City and there aren’t two teams for every sport. This is Boston we are talking about, where if you aren’t a Boston fan, you are invisible to us. This is because Boston fans are one of a kind and when asked why Boston sports are so special, there were a lot of interesting responses.

Glen Davis, of Saugus, says that Boston sports are unique because of the serious nature behind them. “Everyone takes them so seriously,” he says. “People live and die by what happens and they tend to build their lives around the sports they watch.” The most obvious example here would be for the Red Sox. How many people have we heard could “die happy” now that they witnessed a Red Sox championship? The level of pride that the community takes in their Boston teams is unmatched.

Local DJ, Guy Holcombe, of Lynn, says that the diversity of Boston makes the sports really special. “I love the diversity in Boston,” Guy says. “You can live in Boston for years and will never get bored with the characters here.” By this, Guy means the many different people we have come to know in the Boston sports scene. Beyond David Ortiz, Tom Brady, and Kevin Garnett though, this also goes for the fans. So many different points of view can be seen from the bleachers at any sporting event, making every game a new experience.

Let’s talk about what is most important about Boston sports, though: the championships. With the Celtics having the most NBA Titles by any franchise, the Red Sox being one of the most successful teams of this decade and one of the most popular sports teams of all times, and the Patriots being the NFL’s top team for the past twelve years, earning three championships and one undefeated season, the results of our teams are hard to argue with. Every season is another opportunity in our eyes to see just how much better we are than every other team. Cala Elder, of Melrose, says “It’s exciting and a way of life. No other city gets to say that all of their teams are awesome and champions.”

There is certainly something special about Boston and the way we support our teams. It’s like each of us are a part of it and we all have our own roles to help achieve the ultimate goal. Whether it is watching the games religiously or participating in online blogs about their favorite team, the passion is clear and intense. So taking a step back I again ask the question: What is it that makes Boston sports so special? Well, it’s simple really. It isn’t the championship rings or the broken records. It isn’t the vast amount of history and the effects it has on the local culture. It is every individual that cheers for a Patriots touchdown or wears a Red Sox baseball cap. It is the infant whose first outfit consists of a one-piece Red Sox shirt and every parent who takes their child to their first game. Special is every fan that screams for a Tommy Point and every celebration after the muskets are fired. It is not Boston sports that make Boston sports special; it is Boston fans, and being a part of something like that is unlike anything else.

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