Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Wins Coveted 'Most Court Appearances' Award!

So what if it’s been about five years since Lindsay Lohan made a movie? The seasoned actress has been keeping herself busy. In addition to becoming a singer, the teen idol has also added convicted felon, drug addict, and shoplifter to her resume. It’s no surprise that at just 25 years old, she doesn’t look a day shy of 40.

If you ask me, she’s doing pretty well for herself. The actress, who has been in and out of rehabs and correctional facilities since 2006 has added yet another accomplishment to her name. And no, she hasn’t released a sex tape (yet). Lohan is the proud recipient of the coveted “Most Court Appearances” award for her age bracket!

That’s right, the actress has been arrested, and taken before a judge 43 times! That’s more than any other 25 year old female in the United States. We were able to contact Lindsay’s publicist who issued the following statement:

“Lindsay feels extremely honored and privileged to have even been a contender for such an award. She would like to express gratitude to her parents--for paving the way towards a life of crime, vodka, cocaine, and the Los Angeles Police Department--without which, this would have never been possible.”

The sometimes-lesbian then Tweeted this message for her fans:

“Thanks for taking a moment to recognize all the time I have spent in the legal system! I’m not scheduled for filming anytime soon, but I promise there are plenty more parole violations to come.”

We wish Lindsay the best in her continued quest towards a life sentence.

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