Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BP And the Wildlife.

 By: Kara Wooten 

In the past few weeks, it has surfaced that B.P. wants to resume drilling in the Gulf of Mexico as soon as possible. Like many other people, I found this absurd. It has only been a year since the tragic Gulf spill happened but to many people, including myself, it feels like it just happened. Trying to contain the oil spill took B.P. way too long to figure out. During this time, the oil was flowing through the ocean and negatively impacting wildlife. The damage had already been done. The twenty-first century has not been kind to the Gulf of Mexico. First with Hurricane Katrina half a decade ago and then this oil spill. The oil spill was on the news around the clock. I noticed that the news focused more on how residents were being affected and how people were going to lose their income because they had ocean related jobs. I felt bad for the residents but my heart broke for the sea creatures. The vivid images of birds, whales, fish, and sea turtles being covered in oil haunted me most.

Evidence regarding the impact the B.P. oil spill had on wildlife continues to worsen every time it’s brought up in the news. From all of the ocean life affected from over one hundred and seventy million gallons of oil that spilled into the water, birds have been suffering as well. Eight thousand is how many fish, birds, sea turtles, and marine mammals scientists say died in the first six months after the spill. To think that B.P wants to start drilling again in the same location is absurd considering the long term effects of oil and chemicals spilled into the water will be unknown for years to come. What scientists do know is that the food web will be significantly unbalanced in years to come because when the spill happened, it was prime mating season for fish and wildlife. Ultimately, because of an unbalanced food web, the population of these birds, fish, sea turtles, and marine mammals will drop drastically.

The oil spill in the Gulf was devastating for everyone. It permanently altered wildlife and the outcome of their future. Maybe the spill will be cleaned up and people near the Gulf of Mexico will be able to move on with life, but these animals may never be able to. Certain fish may eventually go extinct in the future because of this spill. In The New York Times article, B.P. says that they have compensated all of the people who lost their income because of the oil spill. Compensating the people who were affected isn’t good enough. B.P. should not be asking to drill in the Gulf, instead they should be donating all of their time and money towards research so our wildlife can not only survive this tragic event, but also prevail. It is up to us to speak for the animals and do absolutely anything and everything we can to not allow to B.P. to ever drill in the Gulf of Mexico.

New York Times

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