Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Get Scituated on the Waterfront

Although there is not much to be found in the small town of Scituate, there is a place that serves cheap, good food. T.K.O. Malley’s Sports Cafe opened in 1994 in Scituate Harbor and has remained a favorite among the locals ever since. The waterfront establishment is known for its excellent service, delicious food, and ideal location.

The restaurant attracts a lively crowd for sports events, especially Monday Night Football. With 14 satellite televisions throughout the bar and both dining rooms, guests can enjoy a great meal without missing a single play. However, its sports theme isn’t all that T.K.’s has to offer. The elevated inside seating makes for a beautiful ocean view even during the colder months.

As wonderful as T.K.’s might be throughout the entire year, it becomes quite the hot spot during the summer. A pier attached to the deck allows for boaters to pull right up and dock at the restaurant itself. Here, a full outside bar as well as plenty of additional seating create the perfect atmosphere for a family outing or any other occasion. There is nothing like margaritas with friends on summer nights at this hidden seaside gem.

There are a few meals that have become notorious around town. The T.K.O. goldfingers, priced at only $7.95 for 10, are drenched in buffalo and golden BBQ sauces. They are known for being a common favorite. Also, their eight different types of burgers for $6.95 are all delicious and uniquely named after local colleges. A few include the B.C. bacon and cheese burger, the NU bleu burger, and the BU Terrior-yaki, burger. A particular favorite is the spectacular UMass Burger! Any meal here is guaranteed to satisfy, and without breaking the bank.

Their goal is simply to “blend outstanding value with friendly, efficient service,” and T.K.’s has been doing just that for years now. It is a place that welcomes newcomers, and where regulars are on a first name basis. Of course, this small town café is no five star restaurant, but they serve up some mouth watering food and maintain a friendly environment.

T.K.'s is located at 194 Front Street-Scituate Harbor, MA 02066
Their menu can be found at
For more information call (781) 545-4012

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