Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Facebook Frenzy

Facebook Frenzy

Is Facebook going too far this time? Facebook launched its new messaging system this past Monday. Facebook Message will incorporate chat, text messaging, status updates, and email. But is this new feature going to be an overload for the company and its users? Mr. Zuckerberg doesn’t think so.

Zuckerberg’s view of email is that it is too slow, formal and cumbersome. Is this statement accurate for all email users? Teenagers believe it is a dead form of communication. This is why Zuckerberg created this new messaging system. He wants to reach out to teenagers by making this type of communication easier and faster for them. But what about being professional and having a job that uses email? Zuckerberg cannot think that million dollar companies will take an applicant seriously if they present a @Facebook.com email address to them. For the younger generation this may be okay, but companies and adults still believe that email is a professional and easy way to communicate.

Zuckerberg is pushing this issue too heavily. There are so many technological issues that can go wrong. Also, people many not even want to use the new feature. Many older, adult users of Facebook may find it much too challenging to have all these features grouped in one place. Some may not even understand how to use it. So, why is Zuckerberg pushing to change the Facebook world yet again? It may be because he has the notion that “a modern messaging system is [not] going to be e-mail.” Zuckerberg knows that people in America already spend an enormous amount of time on Facebook. If this new messaging system proves to be successful it will increase how much time is spent on Facebook and thus, create much more revenue for him.

This is one of Facebook’s biggest engineering projects; it took 15 months and 15 engineers to produce. It is no wonder why Zuckerberg would need to gain more revenue; he just spent all his money creating this new messaging system. Hopefully, this new feature will not be as successful as Zuckerberg has planned. The reason being is because people will be consuming more Facebook every minute of the day, things may become confusing and the privacy of one’s email, messages and chats may be broadcast to the whole Facebook community. We all know stated in the New York Times article on November 15th, 2010 “that the company’s privacy practices have often drawn scrutiny” from the public and its users.

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