Monday, December 6, 2010

Anchovies Food and Spirits

I first discovered Anchovies, a snug little hole-in-the-wall Italian spot, after being dragged there by some co-workers one night for late after-work drinks. I soon grew enthusiastic about having a bar to go to after a long day at work that, unlike most bars, including the one I work at, actually had last call at 2am and didn’t give a damn if you sat there while they cleaned up.

Located in the South End, right off of Columbus Avenue, Anchovies not only has a full bar, several beers on tap, and seasonal cocktail creations, but their food is off the hook as well. And I am not just speaking from the experience of those late drunken nights when anything tastes good, although that does happen a lot there.

Whether on my day off, or after a hard day at work, I have always enjoyed their authentic, home-style Italian food. Some of the best dishes that I have had there include their huge chef salad, linguine and meatballs, or their always tasty lasagna of the day. But that’s not all that’s on the menu. Anchovies also offers well-prepared and affordable appetizers, calzones, subs, pannini, and pizza.

Another aspect to appreciate about Anchovies is their hours. Not only is the bar open until 2am every night of the week, but their kitchen will serve you until 1:30am, and that’s not just a late night menu deal either.

The atmosphere is also very cozy and welcoming. Being as small as it is, Anchovies really is the quintessential, intimate dive-bar. Whether you choose to sit on a stool at the bar, or settle into one of the comfortable little booth tables, you’ll be surrounded by unique black and white photographs, cool paraphernalia, and did I mention awesome staff? Their bartenders and servers are always sweet and friendly, especially Will. Will is always enjoyable to be around and genuinely glad to see people and once he gets to know your face, he may even slip you chocolate kisses with your martinis.

The crowd there also adds to Anchovies’ relaxing, neighborhood vibe. This quaint bar is not only well known by residents throughout Boston, but a local hang-out spot for many devout regulars who liven up the evenings there.

So if you’re looking for quality food in large portions but want to avoid the pricy, fancy ordeal; look no further than Anchovies. The mood is always chill, service is fast, the cocktails are great, and you just can’t beat a huge piping hot calzone at 1am.

433 Columbus Avenue
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 266-5088

Appetizers: $4-$12
Entrees: $10-$13
Salads: $3.50-$10
Pizza & Calzones: $8
Subs & Pannini: $7-$8

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