Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Something to do this fall: Go see the New England Patriots

What's one thing that defines someone as a New Englander? Is it the foliage we seek, our beloved Red Sox, or just the great scenery we get to appreciate during the season? It’s none of these! New Englanders absolutely love when the Patriots are back in season. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just someone who likes football, watching the Patriots is what New Englanders do.

Here are some reasons why you should continue or start to watch the Patriots on your lazy-day Sundays or after work Mondays:
1. Tom Brady is back!
2. Bill Belichick
3. The Patriots’ defense is young and quick.
4. They are an amazing, fearless team to watch.

These are just a few of the reasons to love and watch the Patriots. On top of all these interesting facts, going to a Patriots game, no matter how old you are, is exciting for any fan. Unfortunately, many fans cannot get tickets and they succumb to watching the game at home.

Going to a game gives you the adrenaline rush that all sports fans seek. The game is packed with action and fast-paced plays. Plus, Gillette Stadium (the Patriots’ home turf) is gorgeous to look at and there are many things to do while there. If you are not fortunate enough (like most of the general public) to hold tickets for a game, Patriot Place is another option that you may chose while in Foxboro. At Patriot Place you can shop, dine and have fun while watching the game, seven days a week. While here you can explore their 17 different places to eat (i.e. Bar Louie), 50 different places to shop (i.e. Fossil), and you can have fun at 8 different entertainment venues for adults and kids (i.e. Kidville & Rock the Plaza). Coming to Patriot Place is an experience on its own. But nothing compares to being inside the stadium that holds almost 70,000 people, includes special clubhouses, and EMC level suites. If you are lucky enough to have tickets for a game you are going to be in for a big surprise.

Once inside the stadium you can enjoy a multitude of different foods and beverages. I personally love a grilled sausage with peppers, onions and mustard with a nice ice cold drink, no matter how cold it is. The best part about the experience is when most of the fans are drunk, screaming, and yelling about bad plays or touch-downs and field goals. If this seems like an inconvenience, don’t let it be. You can’t get this sort of rush at home on the couch. So, suck it up, cuss back at the guy who just spilt his beer on you, and relish the experience of coming to a game. If you get the chance this season to get inside the stadium or come to Patriot Place, please do. Both experiences are fun and exciting. But, be sure to bring some cash because it does get expensive and running out of cash would suck.

For directions to Patriot Place please visit: http://patriot-place.com/directions.aspx
For hours of operation at Patriot Place please visit: http://patriot-place.com/about.aspx#hours
Please feel free to roam the website to see all the shopping, dining and entertainment you can enjoy on your visit.

For information about Gillette Stadium such as tickets and times of operation please visit: http://www.patriots.com/stadium/

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  1. Yayyy Lkatz!! I <3 the pats! This is a fabulous article! ;)!