Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reebok EasyTones

Throughout the United States, people have become more health conscious than ever before. It seems that Americans have finally realized the importance of exercise. While many businesses have been taking advantage of this health craze, the Reebok Company has caused much buzz throughout the nation with their new Reebok EasyTones. The sneakers, which cost around $100, are said to tone a woman’s lower body while she’s simply wearing them throughout her daily routine. Unlike similar products, such as Sketcher’s Shape Ups which have a noticeable wedge insert, EasyTones work in a unique and unapparent manner. The product has been growing in popularity as people seem satisfied with their results.

The Reebok Company has been testing these EasyTone sneakers for the past two years. They work by using balance ball inspired technology that can be found in gyms. These balance balls are able to strengthen lower body muscles. To accomplish this, each sneaker contains two moving air balance pods that create softness and microinstability. This means that key leg muscles are forced to work a little bit harder with each step. EasyTone sneakers are proven to create greater resistance on effected muscles, generating a sort of mini workout all while maintaining their fashion forward style.

In fact, some of the best feedback coming is with respect to their discreet and fashionable look. Wearers of the EasyTone sneakers have reacted positively to their stylish design and hidden objective. Many women claim that the appearance of their Easytones goes unnoticed, while still causing soreness in their calves and hamstring muscles. The advantage Easytone’s trendy style is associated with woman’s willingness to wear the sneakers while running errands, to work, and anywhere else throughout their day. After all, the more you use the sneakers, the more of a workout your muscles recieve.

There are several websites reviewing the sneakers and for the most part the reactions have been positive. The majority of women say they can feel a difference on the very first day. Most claim they can feel their muscles working a lot harder, especially in the first few weeks of using them. After a while, the burning in their muscles decreases, but it seems the sneakers are still working. While many women have declared the EasyTone sneakers to be effective and worth buying, there are a few skeptics when it comes to this new product.

The criticism behind Reebok EasyTones involves the claim that no sneaker, regardless of its design, can perform miracles. Some say these sneakers are a ridiculous means to avoid good old fashion cardio. Generally, negative opinions are based on the idea that people are trying to find any easy alternative when it comes to exercising. Many state that any sneaker can tone lower body muscles when it comes to hitting the gym and staying active. However, Reebok EasyTones are certainly not meant to be of means for significant weight loss. Their intention is only to use a woman’s daily schedule as an opportunity to burn more calories, and for the most part the sneakers accomplish just that.

Reebok EasyTones are an excellent way to implement a bit more fitness into any agenda. Their superior design makes them a perfect substitute for a woman’s everyday shoes. These sneakers can be one step toward a healthier lifestyle, especially on busy days when a trip to the gym is not an option. So while a balanced diet and an hour of cardio is still the best way to stay fit, Reebok EasyTones can be an additional method to help tone up.

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