Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oops, Speed Bump

By: Samantha Sarantakis

Boston, Massachusetts, November 5- Beginning in October, a ban on texting while driving took effect, but only teenage drivers were prohibited from any cell phone usage. What is so disturbing is how unsafe I feel with all the adult drivers who cut me off, without a blinker on, all the while their cell phone is glued to their fucking ear. I wonder if those morons who wrote the law have noticed this or perhaps they’re one of the assholes who cut me off. And for all you walkers, be cautious when crossing the street because if we can’t trust those Massholes with paying attention to what is next to them, how can you expect them to notice you in front of them or even after you’re under their car? What do you think?

Sharron, Flipping Burgers, “Is that what that triangle with a painted person sign is for? Yield for pedestrians? I was on the phone and I did not see it, sorry officer.”

Jake, Technician, “All the law did was make me hide the phone even further away from sight, so now I have to crane my neck down to type on this damn thing…sent via Android Mobile Device.”

Sam, Editor, “lol omg i soooooo do d@!”

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