Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marina Bay: A Hotspot All Year Round

Everyone who has been to Marina Bay knows it is a gorgeous place with its ocean view, beautiful boats, and the stunning skyline. What they don’t know is that they can enjoy the beauty of Marina Bay all winter long at Port 305. With great food, reasonable prices, and an amazing location, the word should be spread about Port 305’s success.

My own experience at Port 305 was definitely one to remember. My friends and I were immediately greeted by a hostess who seemed a bit overwhelmed on this extremely busy summer night. I loved that she was still friendly and cheerful despite what seemed to have been a long evening. We decided to sit at the bar to order dinner and drinks. I chose to have a tuna melt and “port fries,” which are thinly sliced, round shaped fried potatoes that taste much better than regular fries. The mood at the restaurant was very casual, creating a perfect atmosphere to sit back and relax with friends. The staff’s vibrant personalities were truly infectious as they laughed and engaged in conversations with us. It was clear that they all enjoy working together and interacting with guests. The new restaurant was certainly living up to its high expectations.

Port 305 is the newest establishment for proprietor Kristy Henriksen, who also owns the well known restaurants Blue and Siros at Marina Bay. This restaurant’s waterfront location offers the chance to enjoy a meal right on the Marina Bay boardwalk while providing a remarkable view of the Boston skyline. For those who would rather eat inside, there is also a comfortable dining room, arranged with picture windows to offer the same exquisite setting. The restaurant’s laid back environment and kid’s menu makes it an excellent destination for the entire family.

This establishment differs from surrounding restaurants due to its variety of options. Dishes range from sandwiches and burgers to classic New England seafood. In fact, the menu includes everything from foot long hotdogs to steamed chicken lobsters. One of the favorites at Port 305 is their BBQ ribs, which are served with corn bread and baked beans. For seafood lovers, the restaurant is also known for their fried fisherman’s platter. Whether it’s the quaint seaside spot that attracts you, or the delicious cuisine, Port 305 seems to satisfy every guest.

This restaurant is the place to go for any type of get together. With a 365 degree bar, half of which is outside, half inside, its modern feel, catchy tunes, and energetic staff make for an upbeat atmosphere. The bar offers an array of cocktails, from wines to frozen drinks. Here, you can enjoy your favorite beverages, such as a strawberry margarita, or a mango martini for a night out. Or, you can sit back with a cold beer to enjoy the game. On Friday nights, Port 305 has karaoke night, which has proved to be a ton of fun for everyone. The servers maintain an enthusiasm that is hard to find at other places. Their personalities truly shine through, adding to the restaurants liveliness.

Port 305, which opened in April, brought in plenty of guests during the warm weather months. However, contrary to what many people seem to believe, this restaurant is not limited to summertime getaways. The restaurant alters their waterfront property with the changing seasons. They are able to enclose their boardwalk seating with a cover and transparent screens. This area is also heated throughout the wintertime allowing diners the experience of eating outside on the Marina without the weather interfering.

Entrees range from $12-$18, with most being around $15. Their burgers, sandwiches, soups, and salads are all around $10. With quality food and reasonable prices, it’s an ideal spot for an upcoming outing. The staff is anxious to see more visitors throughout the fall and winter season, so now is a great time to stop by Port 305.

Port 305 is located at: 305 Victory Road, North Quincy, MA. 02171
Their hours of operation are Saturday-Sunday 11am-11pm.
Port 305’s website is

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