Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Belkin Family Lookout Farm

Belkin Family Lookout Farm
by Christine Norton

It was a beautiful, crisp, bright autumn day when I took my niece and her two little girls to Belkin Family Lookout Farm in Natick, Massachusettes. It is a family owned farm, which offers pony rides, a petting zoo, camel rides, and hay rides. It also offers apple picking. There is a huge barn on the way out stocked with more apples, pumpkins, baked goods, and apple cider. In June they offer strawberry picking.

When you first arrive you pay your admission and an open-air train takes you to the area where the farm animals are. You then board the train again and it takes you to the apple orchards where the trees are no taller than six feet. Depending on the time of year you can get beautiful Golden Delicious, and juicy Macintosh apples, as well as other varieties.

We first arrived at the large animal area and the girls got pony rides. The next stop was the one-hump camel rides where both girls rode together on either side of the hump. Then it was off to the petting zoo. They call it a petting zoo, but you can’t really pet the animals. We could stick our hands in the fence holes and that was how we fed the hungry goats. In addition to the goats there were pink pigs and fluffy rabbits.

The next stop was the apple picking so again we boarded the train, which took us to the orchards. We spent about an hour walking up and down the rows of trees picking big, beautiful apples. We filled our bags with enough apples to bake five delicious pies. Once we had finished the train was there to take us to the big barn to purchase our bags of apples and any other goodies we happened to find, including our great pumpkins.

We had such a fun time that day and it was so nice for the girls to get away from the city for a while. It was a nice ride off the Mass. Pike and it took us about an hour to get there from Boston. We all look forward to going back again next year, but in the meantime we have all of our pictures and our happy memories.

Belkin Family Lookout Farm
89 Pleasant Street
Natick, MA 01760
Open weekends, 10:00am to 5:00pm through Oct. 31.
Exit 16 off the Mass. Pike
Admission: $14 for adults and $12 for children plus the cost of food.

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