Wednesday, August 18, 2010

World’s Softest Socks: They Really Aren’t Lying

When my mother handed me a newly purchased pair of socks emblazoned with the phrase, “World’s Softest,” I couldn’t help but feel skeptical. I thought, “How could this company have the audacity to claim that their socks are the softest in the world?” To me, it seemed completely unrealistic that workers employed at World’s Softest headquarters could be familiar with all socks in existence. I was immediately offended by this false advertising campaign and imagined the wicked staff of the marketing department embarking upon new ways to fool customers into buying their products. In order to make such an outrageous declaration, the World’s Softest company had to possess one of two qualities:

1) They were pure evil and only made this claim to gain profit.

2) They really did make the world’s softest socks.

So there I was, holding a new pair of socks in my hand and fuming at the state of our capitalist country. I figured that I had nothing to lose. These socks would either protect my feet from the frigid New England winter (thus making me happy and warm), or they would fail miserably and I would revel in how correct I had been. To my surprise, dismay, and delight, World’s Softest Socks were indeed the softest socks I’d ever tried on.

If your company’s name is World’s Softest and you create socks that declare, in writing, that they are the “World’s Softest,” then you better have a fantastic product. World’s Softest has just that. World’s Softest creates socks for both men and women that come in a multitude of cuts and fits. My personal favorite is the “Women’s Crew Sock.” You can purchase these crew socks in a variety of colors such as white, black, navy, red, laurel, brown, pink, mauve, yellow, and my favorite, periwinkle. Each package includes one pair of socks which are designed specifically for comfort and warmth. The fabric is made of seventy-five percent ultra soft acrylic, twenty-three percent nylon, one percent Lycra, and one percent polyester. The socks come in two sizes: medium fits sizes five and a half through eight and a half, while large fits sizes nine and up.

Many socks are uncomfortable for a number of reasons. Some socks slide down your feet when you are still wearing shoes and eventually end up bunched around the arches of your sneakers. Other socks are uncomfortable because of the way the toe seam is stitched. World’s Softest Crew Socks have none of these problems. According to the company website, the toe seam is stitched flat to reduce irritation. The top of the socks are cushioned to keep them from falling and bunching up. Women’s Crew Socks are also extremely durable. I’ve had my first pair for over a year and they are still as new as the day my mother purchased them for me.

The best part about World’s Softest Crew Socks is that they are, you guessed it, soft. The specific make-up of the fabric creates a sock that, when you put it on, feels like you’ve just stuck your foot into a cashmere sweater. Yet, you won’t have to pay cashmere price; Women’s Crew Socks cost only $5.99 a pair and are well worth the money.

You’ve been needlessly suffering by wearing subpar socks. So give World’s Softest Socks a try and see what you’ve been missing!

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