Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lynwood Café: Tasty Pizza on a Tight Budget

“Cash Only.” This sign in an eating establishment makes many restaurant-goers cringe. In a world so driven by technology and credit cards, most people don’t pay with old-fashioned tangible money anymore. Yet, there is a percentage of the American population that longs for a better time, a time when dark wood paneling and neon Budweiser signs were all the rage. For this surprisingly large group of people, Lynwood Café is a heavenly throwback to the good old days.

The dated décor and small town feel of Lynwood Café is only half of the tiny restaurant’s appeal. Located on the border of South Randolph and Holbrook, it is nestled inconspicuously between family houses and local car repair shops. Lynwood Café, or simply Lynwood’s to the locals, is rather simple from the outside. With chipping white paint and a modest parking lot, it appears to be a house more than a restaurant and bar. If you aren’t from the area (or have a GPS guiding you), chances are you will miss it completely. Lynwood’s is a treasured local eatery. It is not uncommon for an attending waitress to be the mother of a paying customer’s best friend, or the local high school secretary.

Unlike other small-town restaurants that unsuccessfully attempt to master salads, sandwiches, pastas, and deserts, Lynwood’s specializes in one thing: pizza. Lynwood’s serves bar pizzas that come in only one size and are equal to about four slices of a regular pizza. Pizza toppings consist of cheese, onion, green pepper, mushroom, anchovy, salami, hamburger, pepperoni, linguica, sausage, and Boston baked bean. Customers can create any pizza they desire or they can choose from combination specials. Specials include Boston baked beans and hamburger, pepperoni and mushroom, or linguica and onion, to name a few. The absolute favorite of Lynwood’s patrons is the Bean Special. The Bean Special comes with Boston baked beans, cheese, onions, and salami. Though the thought of beans on a pizza is a bit peculiar, it is hands down the best pizza on the menu. Lynwood Café is considered one of Boston’s Best Restaurants by Phantom Gourmet and its delectable pizza received a score of nine out of ten in its review. Its pizza is so delicious that people travel upwards of two hours just to get their fill.

The small-town feel and amazing pizza is reason enough to visit Lynwood’s, but this is not the best part. Lynwood’s pizza is not only tasty, it is cheap! One topping pizzas range from $7.60 to $8.40. Extra toppings, like cheese and mushroom, cost as little as $.30 or as much as $1.80. The famous Bean Special costs just $9.30 for its four toppings. The most expensive item on the menu, the Special pizza with peppers, onions, mushrooms, salami, and anchovies, is a very affordable $10.00.

So, next time you are looking for a delicious and affordable pizza from a humble establishment, come visit Lynwood Café in Randolph for a taste of the small town.

Lynwood Café

320 Center Street

Randolph, MA 02368


Price Range: $7.60 - $10.00

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