Thursday, August 26, 2010

Denneno's Pizza: Quality, Affordability, Family

When’s the last time you called to order a pizza and the person taking your order recognized who you are by your voice? Most likely this has never happened to you. But at Denneno’s Pizza in Stoughton, MA this is just the kind of exceptional service you will receive and come to expect. If you eat here once you will instantly become a loyal customer.

This family owned business is a well known establishment that has been serving Stoughton and the surrounding towns for fifty five years. Ma Denneno is still answering the phones and providing the best customer service by making each phone call and order a personal one. If she doesn’t know your name when you walk in she will certainly know it by the time you walk out. She treats every customer as if they were her own son or daughter.

The family atmosphere and intimate experience is just one aspect of this pizzeria that makes it so successful and pleasurable. The thin crust pizza has just the ideal balance of classic Italian sauce and mozzarella cheese. The crust is flakey, buttery, and undoubtedly cooked to perfection. The pizza is always piping hot and there is originality and freshness about the smell of this pizza shop that any returning customer will salivate over.

Aside from providing exceptional service along with a high quality product, the cost of Denneno’s pizza is affordable no matter how tight one’s budget may be. For less than twenty dollars you can satisfy a family of four to six and maybe even have a midnight snack leftover. There are no scams and no gimmicks. This establishment is credited upon serving delicious pizza that everyone can enjoy.

Denneno’s has been successful for over half a century because of the genuine business it was built upon. The owner’s pride themselves on delivering quality, affordable food with exceptional service. These types of establishments are difficult to find in a sea of chain restaurants and generic pizza places. But a hidden gem like Denneno’s Pizza is one that should be appreciated and enjoyed for all that it offers and represents.

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