Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bukhara Indian Bistro - Cheapest and Best

Bukhara Indian Bistro – Cheapest and Best

If you like Indian food and are looking for the “cheapest and best”, I recommend you try Bukhara Indian Bistro on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain. Located in the center of JP, this restaurant is an excellent choice for either dining in or taking out. Its location makes it a perfect take-out restaurant at the end of a busy week. It is just off the Jamaica Way, two blocks up from “the Monument” on Centre Street.

Although you can always find something for kids at an Indian restaurant (rice, bread, chicken), now that mine are a little older they have expanded their palates. This means we can enjoy Bukhara a little more often and feed our whole family of four on this delicious meal for about $40.00.

Our favorite dishes include Murg (chicken) Korma for $10.95, Jhinga (shrimp) Vindaloo $13.95, Aloo Gobhi (cauliflower and potatoes) for $10.95, Raita (yogurt with cucumbers) for $1.95, and naan bread for $2.95. All dinners come with papadum, rice and chutney and can be ordered with as much spice as you wish.
Medium spicy is usually enough for us. We all love the naan which is light, but bready enough to dip into the korma sauce and then mix with the raita.

Although I’ve tasted better vegetable samosas at other Indian restaurants this is a minor criticism in light of the usual high quality of their standard Indian dishes. The vegetable pakoras (vegetables fried in chick pea batter) are light and crunchy with fresh vegetables, and come with chutney and sauces for dipping. The murg korma is creamy and tender and the shrimp tastes fresh.

On the few occasions that I’ve been able to sit and dine at Bukhara, I’ve learned to arrive early in the evening or expect to wait. There is often a crowd at Bukhara, yet the wait staff is never in a hurry. Although the service is sometimes inconsistent and slow, I find that their slow, calm pace, tapestries, statues of Buddha, and Indian music create a special atmosphere that I want to take my time with, too. If you can get it, the best seating is in the front by the windows or in the comfy booths at the back. On the way out the door, make sure you help yourself to a scoop of fennel. With an anise-like taste, these little seeds are a refreshing end to a tasty meal.

Price: From $3.95 to $7.95 for appetizers and from $10.95 to $18.95 for dinners.
Location: 701 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, MA
Parking: Usually found on Centre Street or in the lot behind restaurant.
Public transportation: Get off at Green Street Station or take bus 38 or 39.


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