Monday, April 19, 2010

Top 10 Things to Do Before "I Do!"

Planning a wedding can get pretty overwhelming for a bride. It's hard to know what to do and when to do it. So, as a bridal consultant, I have compiled a list of the top ten things to do before you say "I do" that should help ease your mind:

1. Pick Your Wedding Party: This may sound like a dauntingly dramatic task but gathering your troops and having a team assembled is the number one way to get things accomplished. If you know exactly who will be a part of the wedding party, you can begin to ask them for help and start assigning tasks. Skip the drama, and pick a team.

2. When and Where: Figure out exactly when and where it is you would like to get married. I find that brides have a much easier time planning everything out if they have a deadline and venue in mind. This also helps when choosing your dress, your flowers, and more. It also gives those helping you, a better idea as to what needs to be done and when.

3. Choose Your Color Scheme: Colors are very important when it comes to planning a wedding. They are what your entire décor is based upon. Your color scheme can affect your flowers, your cake, your tables, your maids' dresses, and even your shoes. Choose wisely, and stay away from anything that is too trendy or any colors that you can’t imagine seeing every day before the wedding.

4. Find Your Dress and Shoes: What most brides don’t realize is that for many salons (especially couture) you need to make a decision eight to ten months before the wedding! This may sound crazy but dresses typically take four to six months to arrive into the salon and then alterations can take anywhere up to three months to complete. So get started even if you think you have plenty of time to save yourself some stress.

5. The Men: Do not forget the groom. He’ll want to feel included and special on the big day. Therefore, make sure to spend some time with him in regards to his ensemble. Be sensitive to his style, but don’t let him go too crazy either! Any man can look amazing in something clean and simple like a classic Armani or Ralph Lauren.

6. Save the Date and Invitations: People are so busy these days and you may have other friends and family getting married. The easiest way to make sure all the people you love are at your special day is to send out a little “Save-The-Date” card before the invitations. This will give people extra time to clear their schedule and plan ahead!

7. Choose Your Maids' and Moms' Dresses: Choosing your maids’ dresses can be challenging if you have numerous bridesmaids or many different body types. Go with your girls and make it a fun day of shopping instead of a scene straight out of Mean Girls. Let them know the color and basic styles you want, so they know what to look for. Choosing dresses for the mothers can also be a difficult. Make sure they feel comfortable and classy. This is your mother so give her special time with you to pick her dress on a different day than your bridesmaids.

8. Food and Cake: Choose your food and cake based on the style of your wedding and the taste buds of you and your groom. Take time and go together to decide exactly the style and taste you both want created.

9. Hair and Make-up: Make sure to go to someone you trust in regards to your hair and make-up. Also, make sure you give it a trial run to make sure everything is exactly what you want. You should also take a few photos to see what the make-up and hair looks like on camera. Keep it off your face and look like you!

10. Enjoy: All the planning can get overwhelming on top of the craziness of daily life. Take time to go on dates with your fiancé and have fun with friends and family. Enjoy the process and do not be afraid to ask for help.

If you're still feeling a little lost, don't worry. Every bride needs help from family and friends. There are also plenty of magazines and online resources as well. But for starters, follow this list and you're on your way to a beautiful wedding.

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