Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pittsburgh's Best

If you’re ever in the Pittsburgh area and develop a craving for delicious food that's also inexpensive, you can stop by any one of these well-known restaurants. First on my list is Primanti Brothers, the most famous sandwich shop in the “Burgh.” With fifteen locations, you can satisfy your Primanti fix in almost every part of the city. The original location is in the Strip District, a neighborhood of Pittsburgh, and it has a friendly environment and inviting atmosphere, so you are bound to feel right at home there. Whether you’re a first timer or have been to the sandwich shop a hundred times, the casual neighborhood vibe will have any patron coming back for more. Their signature sandwich stuffs sizzling meat, melted cheese, hand-cut french fries, tomatoes and coleslaw between two big slices of crusty Italian bread. For just $4.99, you can get the Primanti Brothers #1 best seller, the “Pitts-burgher cheese steak sandwich.” These artery clogging sandwiches will satisfy any appetite and at very low prices.

Second on my list is Fiori’s Pizzaria, a mom and pop pizza shop that has been serving local Pittsburgher’s for over twenty years. Located in the small neighborhood of Brookline, Fiori’s has only one location. Even so, people from all over the city come to enjoy the cheap delicious pizza. Upon entering the pizzeria, you become amerced with a cheesy aroma of piping hot pies. The combination of cheeses gives the pizza a mouth-watering taste and there is just the right amount of the uniquely flavored sauce. The crust is the perfect thickness and has an ideal crunch. The only downside to the restaurant is that, if you plan on dining in, you may have to wait for a table because of the pizzeria’s small size. At the low price of $10.75 for a large pizza and $1.95 for single slice, you can enjoy tasty pizza without breaking the bank.

Thirdly, is a popular spot called LuLu’s Noddles, a Chinese restaurant located at the center of both the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University campuses. LuLu’s has become a local favorite, especially of college students who enjoy the low prices and quantity of food in each entrée. Famous for their noodles, the classic Lo Mein is the restaurants signature dish and only costs $6.50. The Lo Mein consists of egg noodles tossed with vegetables and your choice of chicken, beef or pork. Surprisingly the Lo Mein is the most expensive entrée on the menu. For a cheap lunch special, you can get an entire entrée and an appetizer for only $6.25. Bubble tea, a sweetly flavored tea beverage with tapioca pearls, is also on LuLu’s menu, offered in several different flavors which only cost $1.50. So whether you’re in the mood for a sandwich, pizza or a bowl of noodles, or you just want some great cheap food, Pittsburgh has just what you’re looking for.

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