Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Mouth of the South

Southern-style barbecue is one of my favorite things in the entire world. After having traveled to three different southern states and having tried barbecue in each of them, it’s very hard to find a northern equivalent that’s even comparable. Banjo’s Roast Beef in Cambridge certainly makes up for the barbecue I miss so much. I still don’t know what it is about banning science books from public schools that makes southerners such great cooks. It’s certainly a mystery I can live with.

This small upstart restaurant, which operates out of an old KFC, is slowly becoming a fan favorite with the locals. Sure, the menu has ribs and fried chicken, but that’s nothing compared to the baked mac and cheese, fried pickles, sweet potato corn fritters and southern style coleslaw. These truly authentic foods help make this place a go-to spot for anyone who misses the tastes of Dixie. The food here is so good, you’ll be convinced that they have a few Confederate widows working the kitchen.

Banjo’s has two standout sandwiches. The first is the Jackson barbecue roast beef. This is a bourbon roasted sandwich that is dripping with cheddar cheese sauce. The second (and personal favorite) is the barbecue pulled pork sandwich. This little piggy comes with the mother of all sauces: Carolina barbecue sauce. For anyone who hasn’t yet experienced this tangy, vinegar based condiment, I suggest you take the trip. In terms of price, a six dollar sandwich wouldn’t seem cheap, but factor in the size and that it comes with one large side. It’s certainly a deal that both Yankees and Sharecroppers alike can agree on.

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  1. try M&M's ribs, it's in dorchester. super delicious.