Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Innovative Sound

Laura Marling, a twenty year old British singer/songwriter, has become an overnight success. Marling has gained wide spread attention for her beautifully eloquent lyrics and striking melodies. The singer’s stunningly mature vocals blast out tunes about love, romance, heart break, self-loathing, and human psychology.

Since 2006, Marling has been active within the London folk scene. Doors opened for the singer when a band member from “The Rakes” found her on the social networking site, Myspace, and asked her to sing on a track from the band’s album. Marling then went solo and released her first single “Ghosts,” in which she sings about the presence of past love affairs lingering in one’s life. This tune emphasizes love and heartbreak, two topics which often seem to be overemphasized in music, but in “Ghosts” feel insightful and fresh. Following this first release, the singer collaborated with several bands, including the indie/folk band “Noah and the Whale.”

In 2008 Marling released her debut album, “Alas I Cannot Swim.” The LP includes songs titled “You’re No God,” “The Captain and the Hourglass,” and the song “Night Terror,” after which her tour was named. “Night Terror” relays Marling’s personal insights pertaining to the topic of postwar emotions. The grown-up, yet subtle themes appeal to audiences of all ages.

Marling’s newest LP, “I Speak Because I Can,” was released on March 22 2010 in the UK and was released in the United States on April 6th. The folk/rock style Astralwerks album has ten tracks including the single “Devil’s Spoke,” her biggest hit, which was also made into a music video. Her lyrics boast very thoughtful themes, allowing listeners to get a great deal of feeling from of her work. For example, she sings, “I might be a part of this / ripple on water from a lonesome drip / A fallen tree that witness me / I'm alone, Him and me.”

Marling not only composed the vocals on the album, but she also played guitar, bass and piano, living up to her “wise beyond her years” reputation. The songstress’s music and voice are steadily maturing, leading one to only guess what she will accomplish in years to come. Marling may be categorized with the late talented Janis Joplin, in that she possesses a rare and unique gift; Marling is also a music artist during a time of tremendous political climate. She produces meaningful music that may be influential to generations of musicians and listeners to come.

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