Monday, April 19, 2010

Babies Gone Wild

Keeping Up With The Kindergartners is said to be the new hot show on E! this summer! From wild parties at snack time to fights out on the playground, this show is said to be full of drama, deceit, and secrets that will shock you. Producers have confirmed the time-outs of two of the show’s biggest stars and three trips to the nurse’s office already! The notorious “bad girl” of the class is Lucy. Miss Susan says, “Lucy is definitely the drama queen of the group.” A source close to the class claims “she’s already pushed Ally down twice and makes her cry on a daily basis.” Lucy has also reportedly tried the monkey bars…unsupervised! Can you say “no recess” anyone? Just when you think the season couldn’t get spicy enough, new kid Ryan comes to class. Ryan is rumored to have run his Big Wheel into several children as well as broken eleven crayons! But the problems don’t stop there. When Ryan starts picking on Lucy, he doesn’t realize that she’ll do anything to take him down. She’s already threatened to spill his juice and even let the other kids in on his One. Big. Secret… he’s not potty trained yet! Tune in for the premiere of the wildly addicting Keeping Up With the Kindergartners to see what happens when the kids stop playing nice and start playing real!

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