Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Got No Rhythm

 Let’s face it. We cannot all have the fancy footwork of Patrick Swayze, the moon walking of Michael Jackson, or the swiveling hips of the dancers on Dancing with the Stars. In fact, some of you are so bad, you have probably heard, “you have two left feet,” or even worse, “just go sit down.” If you fall into any of these situations, let your worries disappear. There is a place where you can learn how to clap on beat. You can even learn some fresh steps. Let me introduce you to The Dance Complex located on Mass Ave in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The school is easy to travel to thanks to nearby buses, subways, and parking. Let's say you can nod your head on count. That is great; most people cannot find the beats in a song. However, you have an opportunity to take your ability to count to the next level. Whatever your dance background is, there is an opportunity to practice or perfect while having fun in the process.

Walking up to the over-sized, red doors you can hear the African drummers beating just above your head. If you listen a little longer, a few more windows up, you can hear a pianist accompanying a ballet class. Entering the building, you will climb a mass of stairs before approaching the front desk. There is an overwhelming assortment of emotions as you stare at the abundant dance descriptions plastered to the cork board. The Dance Complex offers everything: salsa, improvisation, ballet, jazz funk, hip-hop, break dancing, African, modern, Irish step, tap, stretch, Meringue, Bollywood, music video, and belly dancing, have I lost you yet? No worries, you cannot go wrong picking any of these options. Although not usually encouraged, look through the list, and select something that catches your eye. A lot of newcomers are pleasantly surprised with how much they end up loving the class and continue coming on a regular basis.

The only piece of information to keep in mind is the details on each class; some are strictly for advanced dancers and others are for men and women with no dance experience. My suggestion, start in a lower level class so you will not feel uncomfortable or afraid to be awkward with your body. Do not be alarmed if you see skilled dancers taking class with you; sometimes people take classes to rehabilitate injuries or focus on refining technique. This is beneficial to you because they are usually friendly and willing to help you out with combinations or steps. Nothing is more appealing to a new dancer than teachers and classmates that make you feel welcome.

Most of the classes are available multiple times a week and are all under $15, so you will not break your budget. For more information regarding the dance complex, the staff, and a thorough breakdown of classes, please check out will be on your way to becoming a more confident dancer at a party, performance, or just busting some moves with your friends.

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