Monday, March 15, 2010

Wagamama Delivers Positivity

“Location, location, location”; that’s what people are concerned about, right? Not only in terms of housing or business but also when it comes to eating. Easy access can make or break any food enterprise. The accessibility and great location is why I think Wagamama is one of the best choices someone running around in the city can make.

The Wagamama I frequent is located in Faneuil Hall but there are two others: one in Harvard Square and the other at the Prudential. All of these Wagamamas are strategically placed around a variety of shops and sightseeing musts for tourists. So while you can get a great day of shopping or sightseeing done, you don’t have to travel far for a great meal to refuel. Not only are the locations opportune for visitors, it’s also within walking distance of bus and train stations. Wagamama is a global franchise with locations in Europe, the Middle East, Egypt, and Australia but only three of them are in the Americas--all of which are located in the Boston area.

The menu specifically states that dishes come out as soon as they are done, instead of waiting for the entire order to be completed. This promotes fast paced service for fast paced people. While the food is made as fast as possible, taste is not compromised. Wagamama has a Japanese inspired menu that caters to carnivores but leaves options for vegetarians. The menu is easy to read and explicitly spells out what certain unfamiliar words mean. One of the things that you should love about the menu are the actual descriptions of the food and wine. For someone who are unfamiliar with wine, the explanation of taste and flavor can be very useful. For example' one of the wines is Oxford Landing Chardonnay; the text directly under the name is “Australia. A medium bodied wine with crisp, tropical overtones.” Enjoy the fact that this menu doesn’t assume you are an expert in wine or Asian cuisine.

The food has a decent assortment of noodle, grilled food, rice, and salad dishes, but the most variety by far is within the noodle category. Another aspect of Wagamama that offers an array of choices are the beverages. You can choose from juices, most of which are freshly squeezed, white or red wine, soda, beer, or sake. Seeing as how this is a Japanese themed restaurant, the three choices of Asian imported beer can be interesting for an adventure or if you feel more comfortable with a local brew, Samuel Adams is also available.

Along with great food and a great location, something that should draw people to this restaurant is the ambiance. It is very friendly and comfortable. The seats are long benches with long tables promoting inter-party conversations. Seating is also available on a patio when the weather permits it. The waiters are pleasant and helpful when any questions arise about the menu.

Wagamama is a great place for lunch or dinner with Japanese dishes and a very comfortable atmosphere. I recommend this place for a casual dining experience with friends. The tagline of Wagamama is “positive eating + positive living” and they deliver.

Visit to consult a list of locations and a full menu.

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