Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Testing Your Taste Buds at Fire + Ice

With high-end boutiques on Newbury, pricey restaurants on Berkeley, and upscale housing on Commonwealth, Boston’s Back Bay area seems to hold the reputation of being one of the city’s most expensive neighborhoods. And if you’re a newcomer to this area, you might not acknowledge that until after you received your bill for two at Grill 23 & Bar for $200. Although the Back Bay is filled with many costly restaurants, there are more affordable options, even if it may take a few strolls to find them. If you’re looking for some delicious, authentic, inexpensive Asian cuisine, you might want to try Panda Express on Commonwealth or Thai Cuisine on Westland Avenue. If you’re in the mood for some all-American food, then head right over to Kings on Scotia Street or Bar 10 on Huntington Avenue. But if you are tired of going to the same restaurants and looking at the same fixed menus, then you might want to try one of Boston’s own, Fire + Ice on Berkeley Street. Following the path of our “founding fathers and the history of our freedom,” Fire and Ice permits you the freedom to build a meal to suit your own individual taste. Not only do you have the liberty of creating a delicious meal, but you can do it in a pleasurable, interactive way.

When you first walk into the restaurant, you saunter into a trendy, cozy bar where you can begin with a drink while you wait for your table to be prepared. Once it’s ready, the hostess will assist you to the upstairs dining area and when you’re seated, the waiter will come over and explain the steps to your adventurous dining experience. First, you walk over to the back of the restaurant to create your own unique salad from the salad bar. With more than a dozen options, anything you can possibly add to a salad is offered, such as chick peas and pineapple chunks. When your salad is made and topped off with your choice of dressing, you then walk over to the main entrée selections and find an assortment of over 20 raw foods. You pick up a bowl and begin filling it with any of the ingredients offered. Whether you’re a meat lover or a vegetarian, you’re guaranteed to find something appealing, such as the salmon, or the sirloin, or the BBQ ribs or even the mussels. Along with your seafood, meat and poultry, you have the choice of selecting from a range of pasta and noodles, as well as vegetables and fruits. Your last component is a choice of a signature sauce from over 10 different options, such as teriyaki, sweet chili, pineapple curry, honey garlic and many others.

When you are done with your inventive meal, you walk over to the over-sized round grill in the middle of the room, hand over your bowl of food and sauce and watch your own personal chef cook your meal in front of you. While you wait, you can order a drink and hang out with your friends and family, as you watch a dozen chefs prepare each guest’s meal. Once your meal is fully cooked, the chef transfers your dish onto a plate, and you’re off to enjoy your own creation.

For only $16.95, you have unlimited access to create as many creative dishes as you want and if you are a college student, show up on a Monday night with your college ID and you’ll be given unlimited dinner for only $9.95. Fire and Ice is located on 205 Berkeley Street and is open Monday-Thursday from 11:30-10:00 PM, Friday and Saturday from 11:30-11:00PM, and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The first Fire + Ice restaurant opened up in Cambridge, which is still currently located at 50 Church Street.

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