Thursday, March 4, 2010

Roommates: Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them.


            Roommates are inevitable for most college students and young adults. With the economy in trouble more people are deciding to live with roommates to save money. This can often lead to disagreements, and feuds. You can’t always find the perfect roommates, but there are some rules everyone should set before moving in together. Recently, I conducted a survey that was handed out to thirty college students ranging from the ages of eighteen to twenty-three. In this poll they decided on the ten most important rules that every home should set before moving in.


1)            No sex in the common room. This rule received the most votes, as one young woman said “it’s disrespectful and just plain dirty.” 

2)            Do not have parties while another roommate is attempting to study or trying to sleep. It’s just rude, so let’s cut the drama and show some respect for each other.

3)            Don’t touch my beer! Everyone knows that there is no shortage of parties in college, and the average fund of a college kid is very low, so when they can afford to get beer they won’t be sharing. If you didn’t buy the beer keep your hands off!

4)            Treat their property as if it were your own. So if you break it you buy it, no questions asked.

5)            Keep the kitchen clean. Do your own dishes! It will make life a lot easier for everyone.

6)            Everyone likes their privacy, so don’t open mail if it does not belong to you.

7)            If you happen to clog the toilet, please do not leave it. 

8)            No one likes an eviction notice, so please pay the rent and bills on time.

9)            If everyone is out of the apartment lock the door. You will feel better knowing that your belongings are safe.

10)            Don’t borrow clothes without asking. Treat the belongings of others as you would wan them to treat your things.


Even with these rules in place it is no guarantee that you will not have roommate trouble.  So here’s a list of ways to deal with the roommates you can’t stand.

1)            Put a lock on your door. If a situation is that uncomfortable it’s nice to know that you can have privacy to get away from it all.

2)            Get a small safe. Many students take advantage of this especially those who have to keep cash around.

3)            Label all food. The food issue can get messy; the “he said she said” can be avoided if you just label everything clearly.

4)            Don’t leave things in the common area. If you don’t want your roommates touching something don’t leave it where they can get it.

5)            Don’t take anything that may belong to a roommate. If you don’t want them touching your stuff what makes you think they want you touching something that belongs to them.

6)            Remember you do own part of the place. the apartment is still part yours. If you have a disagreement with a roommate, don’t hide in your room. Many students isolate themselves when they feel uncomfortable.

7)            Pick your battles. Do not fight over every little thing, try talking to you’re roommates first.

8)            Keep negative thoughts to yourself. Do not bombard them with insults if they are not doing anything wrong.

9)            Ignore them if a situation becomes too tense. If they just irritate you the moment that they speak then simply walk away.

10)            Be honest. I’ve seen many roommates go with the flow even if they don’t want too just to avoid a fight.

You can’t always find the perfect roommate, but with these rules and suggestions I’m sure the lives of many college students will be a little easier. 

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