Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pawn Stars

When I first saw the description for this show, I knew right away that it was going to be worth my time. Pawn Stars is not only an interesting concept, but it blows all other reality shows away with an antique 1830 .78 Caliber sporting rifle.
This reality show takes place at the Gold & Silver Pawn shop. You may be wondering about the name ‘pawn stars’. Yes, it is a clever play on words. You see, the series is filmed in Las Vegas. One of the things that Vegas is known for is the Las Vegas International Chess Festival that’s held every June. No, I’m kidding, sometimes they film dirty movies in Vegas. But, unlike real porn stars, the only thing these “pawn stars” let people dump on them are antique collectables.
The store is run by the Harrison family. Richard (the old man) has owned the store since 1988. He employs his son Rick and his grandson Cory or “Big Haas”. Their personalities are what make the show great. Many critics have called it a “cool” answer to Antiques Roadshow. These guys certainly make it that. Unlike Antiques Roadshow, which is just an hour of a guy in a top hat buying cabinets from old women, you get ribbing and bickering between fat guys buying guns. It’s a reality show about the running a very unique business. It’s not about spoiled celebrities or finding phony soul mates. You get to see these guys by and sell rare finds that people just bring into the shop. It adds a very fun aspect to learning about history, culture and pop-culture. This isn’t like pawn shops were some guy is selling a VCR they just stole or hub caps. People come in with weaponry, coins and jewelry.Sellers from all over come to sell historical items like an 1849 Colt revolver or a 1901 Edison phonograph. Or items with pop cultural significance like a 1930 Mickey Mouse doll or a KISS pinball machine.
It’s interesting to see the bargaining process and how much an item actually goes for. The most entertaining moments are when an item that a seller has there heart set on, ends up being completely worthless. Despite it being a reality show, the History channel does a good job making the item at hand top priority. The viewer will be entertained by the real life aspect of running an odd business like a pawn shop, but they will also learn about history in a fast paced manner.

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