Friday, March 5, 2010

Goo Goo for Gaga

Ladies and gentlemen, are you bored with your playlist on your iPod? Are you extremely fed up with hearing the same twenty songs on the radio? Never fear, I am here to deliver some awesome news. Lady Gaga is coming to the rescue with her eclectic new album The Fame Monster. We all have a certain type of music that can relax us, make us dance, or ease our emotions. So, if you need a dance tune, rock and roll anthem, or slow medley, Gaga is kick ass enough to cater to all of these needs and more.

Although Lady Gaga’s sophomore album has just eight tracks, she incorporates powerful lyrics, flavor, and diversity into each song. Lady Gaga has become such a world-wide success because she chooses not to fit a specific label or to limit her musicality. Her live performances are enough to make you say, "damn where can I hear more of her music?" The first track "Bad Romance" might be her most recognized song, but only begins to show off Gaga’s trance beats and carefully crafted lyrics. Anyone who can manage to incorporate growling and rhyming into a track, is worthy of my time. After doing the robot and possibly some fist pumping, Gaga does a 180 with her following track "Alejandro." There is a unique fusion of classical violin, heavy bass, and electronica while Gaga sings her “Romeo and Juliet involvement” with this enticing male Alejandro. Why so serious Gaga? Even if you do not understand Gaga’s intentions, she takes the listener on a journey. Gaga is not meant to be understood, Gaga is to be loved. So love her and shut up.

Other freaking sweet songs include Gaga’s "Dance in the Dark" which explores a woman’s sexual insecurities that disappear in the dark, the upbeat and rhythmic "Monster," and the jungle boogie, Latin-inspired craziness "Teeth." My personal favorite and recommended track for you to give a second listen is "Speechless." There is a mixture of Freddie Mercury and James Morrison influence shining through the instrumental composition and Gaga’s voice. If you close your eyes and turn up the volume, you feel like there's this intense musical threesome transpiring as the two rock stars are jamming beside Gaga while she belts some crazy riffs.

So, next time you are browsing iTunes, Target, Borders, or Amazon, pick up a copy of The Fame Monster. It is only $8.95 because Gaga wanted an affordable album for any person to enjoy. You will not regret this purchase and will be goo goo for Gaga just like the rest of us little monsters.

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