Thursday, March 4, 2010



            The animated film Coraline has gained the interest of many moviegoers who couldn’t help but smile at the idea of another Selick horror production. Henry Selick has a reputation for, shall we say, unconventional animation. He however does not see himself as a depressing character but merely a creative mind that looks at things a little differently. His latest film, Coraline, had fans lined up at movie theaters nationwide and it delivered with outstanding applause. This insanely imaginative film grants the audience a glimpse into the life of Coraline a witty, self-entertained teen whose detective skills can only be matched by her attitude. When her parents fail to appreciate her and would rather be working, Coraline finds a place where she gets everything she wants. Entering an inspiring world where everything is perfect. What creates such an eye-catching fantasyland is the attention to detail. Everything from the flower buds to the shadows lurking in the dark have been given a life of their own, creating a vibrant planet that is nothing short of mesmerizing. The film’s underlying message about how children grow so fast and that parents often miss out makes for an interesting combination of a moral lesson and entertainment. Henry Selick, who also directed Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas, had an alluring connection to the twisted children’s author Neil Gaiman. Their visions quickly became one, and the product was a haunting, and stunning tale that is not for the faint hearted. Though it is not gory, this film does send a faint yet distinct Selick chill down the spines of those watching. 

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