Friday, March 5, 2010


The other day, I overheard my 14-year old sister talking about this new website she and her friends were using called Chatroulette. She described it as “funny,” and “cool,” because you could talk to people from all over the world. It quickly caught my attention so I decided to check it out myself. At first, I was really anxious because I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if it had the same concept as Facebook or Twitter, where you had to provide an email or sign up and then find and add people from around the world to talk to, but it was nothing like that. It is actually the complete opposite.

Once the homepage loaded, the left side of the screen listed tips on what to do and how to navigate through the site, as well as a disclaimer, prohibiting users of 16-years and younger. On the right side, there were two blank screens; the top one was your partner’s cam, while the bottom screen was your own cam. Before even clicking anything, my own face was displayed on the bottom box, for the website automatically activated my webcam. Terrified of having strangers see my face, I placed a post-it on my cam in order to make my face invisible.

The next step was to click “play,” located at the top of the screen, which was the ticket for entry into this new world-wide chatting service. Once I clicked that button, a random stranger suddenly appeared on the top screen, and the left side of the screen turned into an instant messaging box, which displayed, “Connected, feel free to talk now.” The person who I was paired up with looked like a young, teenage girl, but before I could type anything, it said, “Your partner disconnected. Press “Next” to find a new person.”

As I sat there and got randomly paired up with strangers, a trend of young, teenage faces appeared. Sometimes there would be a single, young user, and other times there would be a group of 3-4 at a time. They all would just sit there, looking at the camera, as though they were waiting for someone or something in particular. What exactly that was, I still had yet to find out.

I decided to take off the post-it because I knew that was the reason I kept getting “nexted.” To no surprise, my visibility allowed me to hold conversations from people from all over the world, like Russia, Germany, Italy, Australia and across the United States.

There was this one instant where I was paired up with a couple from Russia. The couple was laying on their bed, the man shirtless and the woman in a cami. They began caressing each other, and kissing passionately, as though this was their chance to entertain me with their affection for each other. It made me feel quite uncomfortable so I hit the next button.

Then, something extremely unordinary appeared. The camera was in view of what seemed as a man’s “whitey tighties.” A hand then appears, moving in the wrong direction, and then an instant message appears stating, “Want to see my friend?” I was totally stunned, hitting the next button as quickly as I can. What is wrong with this stranger? No, I did not want to see his friend. I then began to notice a new trend; a swarm of men who enjoyed sexually pleasing themselves on camera. After I saw a man fornicating with a head of lettuce, I decided to end my session on Chatroulette.

If you’re looking for free, live amateur porn, then this website can provide you with an endless amount. But if you’re looking to meet random people from different countries, this might not be the best choice. In all earnestness, this is not a website for the youth, particularly my younger sister. It is filled with perverted, exploitive people and it’s frightening to know that children have such easy access to this filth. The website is not monitored, and there aren’t any enforced restrictions. This website is only worth accessed once for curiosity, but is not useful as a reliable source for social networking.

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  1. A Chatroulette post without pictures? Crazy.