Tuesday, February 16, 2010

5 Reasons for Anyone to Try NASCAR

If you’re a sports fan in a major market like myself or if your granddaddy didn’t run moonshine for a living, then there is a decent chance that you don’t follow NASCAR. The idea of watching cars take left turns for four hours bores you to no end. I get it, I once thought the same. I’m hopeful that we can change that attitude.

My best advice for you to obtain optimal enjoyment is to jump right in with both feet and visit your nearest track for a live race. Here are five things that fueled my attraction during my first trip to the track:

Fun in the Sun – Since races aren’t run in the rain, you’re almost always guaranteed great weather. The “good ol’ boys” arrive at your home track during the most favorable time of year (that’s why they start and end in Florida). It is also a great opportunity to find your favorite tank top and work on a sweet farmer’s tan.

Football on Steroids – I mean this with regards to the schedule. NASCAR has 36 races in a season; one almost every weekend from February until November! There are also Nationwide and Truck Series races the same weekend, if you really want to get your “redneck” on.

Pick a Car, Any Car – Choose your favorite number, a favorite color or maybe your favorite place to buy plywood and voila, you now have yourself a team to root for. For a more enhanced experience at the track you can rent out a scanner and headphones that will hook you up directly with your driver, crew chief and pit crew so that you can hear all the strategies that take place as well as all the “Yee-Haws.”

Atmosphere – The scene at a NASCAR event is like nothing you will see anywhere else…unless Hank Williams, Jr. is in town. The smell of burnt rubber and the rumble of the engines get the blood boiling. The smoke and twisted metal of a wreck (they don’t crash, they wreck!) always puts the grandstand in a frenzy. The “people watching” is pure, unintentional comedy…he who spots the most mullets wins!

B.Y.O.B. – This was the deciding factor for me. Many NASCAR tracks allow you to bring in a cooler stacked with beer if it fits under your seat. So get some friends, fill some coolers with the canned beverage of your choice, fill a couple more with food and snacks for the day and you won’t even have to leave your seat. Now if only there were some sort of cooler/bathroom device, we’d be all set.

A trip to see the masters of sheet metal and horsepower will change your mind about one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Hopefully one of these factors will push you into trying out the races. You may possibly find the same enjoyment and passion that I have, in a sport that I vowed to never watch.

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