Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Undeaditorial, Just In Time For Chirstmas

Los Angeles CA- "I hate you Rabbit. I'll suck you till you love me." A belligerent and intoxicated Count Chocula stands over bloodied best friend the Trix Rabbit Friday as the Kellogg’s spokesman turned Blood Addict was escorted into police vehicles and reportedly admitted to a rehab clinic for treatment.

"I don't know what happened," claimed the Rabbit, "one minute I'm giving him an eighth of Hershey's the next minute I'm bleeding from the jugular."

Snap and Crackle, two beloved Rice Crispies representatives, have been reported missing since last Friday. Suspicions are growing that the Count may have been involved in the disappearances.

Likely his first conviction since the 2006 Wonka break in, police officials report the Count will likely face charges of animal cruelty and possession. The Rabbit was treated for his wounds and taken in for questioning on grounds of unlicensed candy distribution and unrelated child molestation accusations.

No charges have yet been made.

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