Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Freedom While We Sleep

Not everyone loves Veterans Day for the same reason. Some love it because classes are canceled, others because they have the day off from work, while others just enjoy attending the parades. The truth is not many understand the true meaning behind this national holiday, especially the younger generation. It might be hard to grasp but Veterans Day isn’t just about sleeping in; its about saluting the ones who keep our country free while we sleep whether it’s in Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Japan or Korea. “Politicians didn’t give us freedom, the veterans did” stated Nicholas Bua, the director of Veteran Affairs in Revere, MA. The department of Veteran Affairs provides a wide range of benefits such as disability, education and training to those who have served the country and Mr. Bua is an essential figure in ensuring these men and women get the assistance they need. Plus he plays an important role in making sure the Revere parade and the ceremony at the Paul Revere School, formally known as Beachmont, is a reality.

There are numerous parades and events in cities and towns throughout the United States mostly to honor all of those who served and were fortunate to come home. Memorial Day, on the other hand, is to honor those who died. Millions of American soldiers served and gave their lives in wars, and many more are fighting for us today. Families, friends, wives, mothers and fathers of these good men and women are the ones who truly appreciate ceremonies such as the one held at the Paul Revere School on Wednesday. It lasted for about two and a half hours with various presentations and tributes. “Many had tears in their eyes when pictures were shown of veterans killed in action. Some were only boys –eighteen, nineteen, twenty year-old boys. It was all very heart warming.”

Mr. Bua feels that the younger generation doesn’t fully comprehend the meaning of Veterans Day but that it’s understandable and one day they will. Many children participated in the ceremony by singing patriotic songs, and according to Mr. Bua they were very excited. “I’m curious about whether or not they realized what they were singing about.” There are many programs and organizations that encourage children and teenagers to become active on this special day. “It’s very important that the younger generation remember these people. We are all blessed to have these veterans come back home and even those killed in action.”

This country has been involved in various wars and without these brave soldiers America wouldn’t be where it is today. No one knows if they’re going to be a hero or if their end quickly awaits, but they do what they have to do to get the job done. They provide for our country; they keep it free and watch over us. “This country lost a lot of good men and we have to be thankful for them.” Veterans Day is our opportunity to show our appreciation for their job well done.

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  1. The Paul Revere school was never known as the Beachmont school. They are 2 seperate distinct schools.