Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eliminating Competitors: Resume and Cover Letters 101

Everyone’s heard the expression “First impressions are the lasting ones” so when applying for a job it’s important to captivate employers the first chance you get. Therefore creating an eye-catching resume and cover letter is essential in ensuring your not just one more in a pile of applicants. In fact before employers even consider meeting applicants face to face their resume and cover letter should attract, convince, and ooze professionalism and personality. In times where competition for employment is extremely high it’s important to stand out. Whether you’re a recent graduate or just looking for job knowing how to correctly express yourself while highlighting important skills and traits is a must. A professional yet attractive resume and cover letter will definitely get employers interested. After reading it they should want to know you better.

Your resume and cover letter is the first meeting between you and a prospective employer, more now than ever. Companies don’t have the time to interview everyone that’s interested in the job so they use an eliminating process. That’s right –resumes and cover letters. Resumes supply the employer with a great deal of information about you such as where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re headed. “Resumes are a piece of art and are forever changing; it's important to create a tailored resume for each and every job, making sure the resume speaks directly to the employer and that employer's needs” stated Shannon Seaver-Rojas, a Career Specialists at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Cover letters allow you to express yourself in your own words. It’s your chance to really tell employers why you’re right for the job. Unfortunately many times people tend to focus only on their resumes and forget that cover letters have the power to differentiate them from the others. Not to mention it boosts your possibility of obtaining the desired position. Seaver-Rojas added that, “cover letters are a great way to show your writing abilities, which is a vital skill and one sought after by employers. It's important to include a personal statement in the cover letter; a few sentences stating why you're interested in the company.”

Because employers don’t have time to read extensive amounts of information about each applicant you only have a few moments to convince the employer why he/she should give you an interview. So it’s important to never falsify information. Make sure it emphasizes the good and that it fits the needs of the employer. It should shout professionalism but most importantly it should shout confidence. So how do you want to be remembered? Wrinkled and unorganized? Neat and structured? Long and boring? Precise and interesting? It all depends on you!

Many universities have career specialists that offer students assistance in creating an effective resume and cover letter, so if you’re a student make sure to take advantage of these services. Make sure your lasting impression is a positive one.

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