Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Undeaditorial/International American Constituents Upset: Obama Approval Ratings Down

A group of international American constituents who live in Washington D.C. are upset the Obama administration has signaled that it plans to curtail their Constitutional First Amendment Rights to free speech. This group of international constituents are a coterie of oil industry sheiks, foreign bank CEO’s and foreign diplomats, who gained U.S. citizenship upon registering as lobbyists and settling down in K Street. The power of this group is unquestionable, as their lobbying dollars has earned them the right to petition the U.S. government for a redress of grievances.

The sheiks are upset President Obama turned off the OPEC ATM machines in every gas station across America. Recently President Obama sent Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, and a group of M.I.T. professors to disconnect every gas station and replace the oil pumps for Chinese manufactured wind turnbine powered, electricity generating power outlets. In turn the oil barons plan a march on Washington; they will ride to the National Mall high on camels in effort to show that they are not enemies of a clean environment, but gentle animal lovers. The keynote speakers of the protest will be Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran; both of these presidents plan to discuss how the fall of the oil industry will disrupt the pro-American social revolutions in their respective countries.

In the financial world, European bank CEO’s are upset the Obama administration has not proposed another stimulus package to prop up lending. Recent TARP funds helped save and create 3-4 million jobs within the financial sector brain trust. Furthermore, in Asia, Japanese CEO’s are outraged that the Obama administration has let the value of the dollar depreciate causing orders for Sony Playstations to hit a 10 year low. On a positive note a consortium of Japanese auto industry leaders sent the Obama administration thank you letters for the recent Cash for Clunkers aid given to Toyota and Honda.

On the diplomatic front, foreign dignitaries working in tandem with private defense contractors are upset the Obama administration is seeking to place stricter gun ownership laws along the Mexico-U.S. border, as part of Homeland Security effort to curtail the current drug cartel violence. The National Rifle Association was outraged by this proposal, citing that such a restriction on the right to bear arms violates the ability of American arms dealers to fund Mexican freedom fighters, a tradition established since the 1830’s when Americans helped liberate Texans from Mexico.

President Obama is feeling the heat from his K St. American friends. If his approval ratings do not improve among this powerful group of American patriots, he might become a one-term president and have to retire in the Scandinavian peninsula among his Swedish friends who think the world of him.

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