Monday, November 30, 2009

Trick-orTreaters Ransack Small Town When Offered Tricks Instead of Treats

“It was funny at first,” said Paul Stern a local resident in the town of Snickersville, Uessay, of Halloween night. “When the kids came to my door and shouted ‘trick or treat!’ I screamed ‘TRICK’ and threw baby powder at them.” Stern looked out over the field across the street from his house still smoldering from the previous night, “I’m not sure when or where they were at the moment the revolt began but we never saw it coming… we never saw it coming.”

It seems that with the recent downturn in the economy, residents of Snickersville decided that one way they would save a buck would be to pass on buying Halloween candy and decorations this year. “I hate that we have to buy candy every year for these kids that just come up and grab it without even a ‘thank you’,” Eleanor Pinch commented. “I jumped right on board when the suggestion that we give tricks instead of treats this year came up at town meeting last week,” she continued, “but had I known, I would have never…” Ms. Pinch’s voice trailed off as she turned quickly into her home and shut the door.

After conduction several interviews, most of which were cut short as the men and women of Snickersville remembered what happened on this particular evening, it became clear that stopping a tradition that belong solely to kids, was something that should not be messed with.

It seems that the decision to halt candy was kept a tight secret; no child in the town knew what was in store for them as they traveled eagerly from house to house that night. At first the kids thought it was just a joke, just one house. They laughed and moved on to the next house, then the next, trick after trick, again and again; rage was born. The children tore through the town leaving nothing but fire and dust in their wake.

“They got the fire from me,” said Stern, “that was my fault. I had been burning leaves in my backyard earlier that day. The kids got a hold of it and burnt up my field.”

As smoke curls up into the sky, ashes and debris litter the streets of Snickersville and the children are gone. “The noise quieted at around 3 AM. Betty Nose said she saw them heading towards the woods,” said Stern. It is unclear where the children went or when they will return.

You can’t take a tradition like candy on Halloween, something that belongs to kids, and change it.

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