Sunday, November 22, 2009

Paranormal Activity: A Waste of $10

So here’s the premise of Paranormal Activity. A couple decides to set up a video camera in their house to document all the instances of activity by a demon that has apparently been “haunting” this woman since she was a child. It’s supposed to be an actual account and all the footage was filmed by this couple, Micah and Katie. It sounds promising, but Paranormal Activity was beyond a let down. The only thing scary about this movie was the fact that it made over $100 million. Commercials showed people in the theatres jumping out of their seats and screaming while watching this; everything we want a scary movie to make us do. I was jumping out of my seat too; to run to the nearest exit. Paranormal Activity was a major fail in my book.

Did I mention that Paranormal Activity was the most boring movie I’ve seen all year? 95% of the movie was footage of the couple sleeping. If I wanted to see a couple record themselves in bed, I would go on Xtube. The extent of the haunting in this movie was footsteps outside the bedroom and some door slamming. Oh yeah and at the end of the movie Katie is possessed by the demon and kills Micah. To me, that’s too drastic of an end to a movie where the most exciting event was the Ouija board catching on fire. Speaking of Ouija boards, the fight scene between the couple over the Ouija board had to be what pushed me over the edge with this movie. It was so unrealistic. How is it possible that they storm out the house fighting and then come back 6 hours later picking up right where they left off? Shouldn’t the fight be over by then, especially if they left together? Katie and Micah are the most unrealistic couple ever. It’s like watching Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian pretend that their marriage is real.

My biggest question about Paranormal Activity other than why was the film wasted to make this, is why all the alternate endings? There were 3 different endings for this movie. If Spielberg was trying to “fix” Paranormal Activity, he shouldn’t have even tried. The best way to fix it would be to slap Micah and Katie and rewrite the whole thing from scratch…or not.

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