Monday, November 30, 2009

I'd Rather Be Out...

by Shardae Jobson

The in crowd: we’ve all heard of it, maybe at one point wanted to be a part of it. This is of course if you weren’t anywhere near the production of the 2000, epitome of stupid, film The In Crowd, directed by Mary Lambert. I guess Lambert’s bills were really catching up with her if she agreed to direct this piece of utter idiocy. As you watch the movie, you see that if this is was what being a part of the in crowd was all about, I’m sure you would have preferred to be running for your life on Elm Street.

Let’s just keep to this hood and to the point: this movie is wack, a waste, not even the kind of movie that is so bad it’s good. This crap is just bad. To say the acting is uninspired wouldn’t hit the nail on the head. The acting here seems like an unintentional satire of the most popular kids on campus, or so they think. And what’s the big idea with the psycho bitch character Brittany (played by Susan Ward) re-applying her lip-gloss in slow motion every time she was scheming more misery for the new girl? I guess those scenes were supposed to be erotic. I can guarantee you’ll be more turned on watching a Seth McFarlane cartoon.
(Seth McFarlane animated creation, "Family Guy")

Because this movie sucks, I almost forgot to the give you the “plot” first. Please. You’ve heard this one before and The In Crowd doesn’t breathe any new life into it. New girl Adrien (played by Lori Heuring) gets a job at a rich, snazzy country club full of rich kids who have nothing else better to do with themselves (don’t they sound like fun!) Adrien soon meets queen bee Brittany who sets herself up as her new mentor--until Adrien gets all the attention, even from like the hottest guy in the club that Brittany was after. Of course Brittany eventually tries to kill Adrien at a pool party, is exposed as a fraud and sent to a mental hospital. Hey, wasn’t Adrien in a mental ward at the beginning of this film? Oh, lovely. Maybe these girls should get along. Yawn.

It’s unfortunate that The In Crowd couldn’t at least be decent. While features of the plot have been done in other films and television series, (new girl vs. popular girl, sabotaging anyone who gets in your way to make yourself look good), the essential ideas had potential and this film could have gained a cult following with better direction in its script and acting. This film is a hot mess. The finished product only musters two questions. 1--why did I watch this whole thing? 2—who would want to hang out with these egotistical, murdering freaks anyway? The similarly dreadful film New Best Friend was released two years later, which I also yawned off and on through, but at least Taye Diggs was a part of that cast to keep my attention. One word: yum.
(actor Taye Diggs: 'nuff said)

There is nothing (purposely) funny, amusing or suspenseful about this film. It’s just bad filmmaking. Again, let’s say it together--this film is wack. Once the credits start to roll (thank God) some of you may want to send apologies to the teen movies you thought were bad but secretly watched repeats off on cable like She’s All That. It’s films like The In Crowd that give teen films that actually have some kind of vivacity a bad rep.

At least in teen-oriented films of the past decade and 1999, there were characters you would’ve actually rooted for, like the nerdy art student in She’s All That, a sickness bringing out the best in a guy who was too afraid to show emotion before in A Walk to Remember, and the coupling of the loner and the hard ass in 10 Things I Hate About You. In The In Crowd, there are no characters worth liking, good or bad, and the only rooting you’ll be concerned with may be the drink in your hand.

Teen films have a reputation for being cheesy, melodramatic, a little indulgent, but they own up to it. From the screenwriters, director and actors, they know the problems of these brats are trivial and that they won’t matter in five years (hopefully). The In Crowd provides no connection with the audience and whatever else is going in the film. It feels like another world and we ain’t talking about something as awesome as the new Star Trek. It’s all about them and this time, we don’t care because they give us nothing worth saving. There is no real-ness executed in this life on where the grass is literally greener, but everyone should get a slice of humble pie. Cruel Intentions had more semi-witty humor and a conscious than this silly movie.

My last take on this aforementioned piece of trash film? You may at least get a laugh of it, but who knows. The In Crowd? I’m sorry. I’d rather be out.

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