Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ryuji Suzuki: Business Portrait Photography in Cambridge, Massachusetts

It's a tough job market out there right now, and as everyone knows, you should really try to do every little thing you can do to set yourself apart from the pack. With online employment networking sites like LinkedIn and Ryze popping up and exponentially gaining popularity, a professional online presence is key to any successful job seeker. A polished resume is a must to impress any head hunter, but a professional picture of yourself is also important. Companies are looking for someone trustworthy and able to convey their image well, and a professional headshot shows your, and possibly their, professional image.

As I am currently looking for full time employment in the business sector, I recently had business headshots taken with Ryuji Suzuki at Beaupix Studio in Cambridge. Conveniently located in Central Square, Suzuki offers a wide range of photography services, including business portraits. I was convinced of his photography skills after I visited his website, but I was impressed with his professional demeanor when I spoke with him on the phone about scheduling my photoshoot. He answered all of my questions and concerns. Thankfully, Suzuki is willing to accommodate even the oddest of schedules; we booked my shoot for 8pm on a Friday evening.

Beaupix Studio is located in the middle of Central Square, right next to the T. It's a smaller studio, but well lit and fully stocked with different backdrops and mirrors for last minute touch-ups. When I arrived there, Suzuki was fully prepared for me, and we immediately began. During the entire process, he asked me questions about my preferences for the look to tweak the lighting, showed me the digital images he was taking to get my feedback, and anticipated my needs before I verbalized them. For example, I kept smoothing my long hair down, and Suzuki noticed this and immediately brought out a hair smoothing spray that made my hair look shiny and smooth instantly. After about 20 minutes of shooting, Suzuki assured me that we had gotten several excellent shots and that he would email the proofs to me shortly so I could select the one that I wanted.

True to his word, I received the file in an e-mail the following day and there were several amazing shots to choose from. Suzuki had really pinpointed exactly what it was I was looking for with only a very few questions. I gave him the image number for my final selection, and two days later, he had e-mailed me the final retouched image. It was perfectly done. My original photograph, while it was excellent, still showed my under eye circles, an annoying pimple that had cropped up the night before the photo shoot, and quite a few misplaced stray hairs. Ryuji cleared up my skin, took away those dark circles under my eyes, and smoothed down my hair. My eyes looked brighter, my skin looked clearer, and I looked like a refreshed and capable professional.

My concerns with his price points were immediately gone – Beaupix Studio is definitely not the cheapest service around, but there's a reason that cheap services are cheap – they don't give you these kinds of results. I was already impressed with the original image, but the retouched photograph was so perfectly edited, I was thrilled with it. Suzuki gives you amazing results, professional service, and peace of mind. It's definitely worth a trip to Central Square, without a doubt.

(Before retouching)

(After retouching)

For more information about Beaupix Studio, check out the website at Specific information on headshot photography is available here. Standard business portrait packages start at $120.

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