Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Buying One Slice, But Seeing Two at Little Stevie’s

By Joshua Bottomley

Little Steve’s Pizza, by the corner of Boylston Street and Mass Ave. in Boston, has been serving wasted college kids and club goers for a few decades now. But their secret to success hasn’t been the food that they serve, but the prices on the menu and the hours they keep.

Little Stevie's, as it is affectionately known, not Steve's as the sign says, is the only pizza joint in the Back Bay area that is open until 3am. When the bars let the population of the slowly stumbling inebriated out the doors, they flock like zombies to brains over to Little Steve’s Pizza.

With the five dollar emergency fund you keep in that fifth pocket of your 501’s you can grab two slices of Roni and large Coke. Wash down those overpriced martinis and empty calorie lagers with quasi Italian eats that taste like they were made on the streets of Boston.

Points go out to the videogames chilling by the back door. Over the years Stevie’s has had a few. The selection is on a fairly regular rotation. Break one, buy one. Break one, buy one. But if you’re lucky you may find a vintage box to pump a few quarters into.

Another highlight is that inevitably some dumb drunk will do something hilariously stupid inside, or in line outside. Just pray that it isn’t you.

That’s right, I said “in line outside.” Every Friday and Saturday night at 2:15AM there is a line curling out of the brick façade. I guess it hasn’t killed anyone yet....yet. Again, just pray it isn't you. Umass Boston student Andres Leon told this reporter, “One time I went there and the food tasted like a mop…but it’s great after a Celtics game.” Andres’ taste buds do not deceive. They do clean their oven with a mop, but it’s the best damn mop you’ve ever tasted.

The food is not good. It is edible. It is warm. It is filling. It is the perfect way to sop up a stomach full of suds or gorge on your feelings after being rejected. Plus, you barely remember it the next day.

What it lacks in culinary prowess it more than makes up for in price, convenience, and ambiance. So go on and try a slice of Little Steve’s Pizza. You’ll hate yourself in the morning, but you already did that with the booze.

Little Steve's Pizza, 1114 Boylston St Boston, MA 02215-3601, (617) 266-5576


  1. I didn't think I had been to this place until I saw the picture you posted. I guess it really does cater to drunk kids.