Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Affordable, Fun Restaurants and Bars in Boston

By: Regina Bullock

Boston is a great city full of a lot of different fun things to do. It’s a tourist city with a lot of great restaurants and bars to check out. One of my favorite hobbies is to go out to eat with friends and Boston has a few spots that I really enjoy. I’m a college student with a work-study job, so I like to stay within my means when I go out. I’ve discovered a few places that have affordable prices as well as good deals. My top three recommendations would be The Pour House, Fajita’s & Rita’s, and Fire & Ice during happy hour. You can get great food and drinks at these three places for really good prices. They are all conveniently located in easily accessible areas of Boston.

The Pour House is located on Boylston St. in the Copley area of Boston. The main thing that keeps me going back to The Pour House is the prices. A meal at The Pour House is sinfully cheap. A Pourfect sandwich including fries ranges from $4.75 to around $7. Another perk about The Pour House is the different daily specials. On different days, certain sandwiches are half priced off between certain times. On Saturday’s from 6-10 pm it’s Burgermania; all burgers half off. At full price the burgers are all between $4.75 and $5.25. Where else can you get a better deal? The atmosphere at the Pour House is nice because it’s really casual. When you walk in, you seat yourself, and the service is pretty good. The only downside that I have found at the Pour House was the fact that they don’t sell beer in pitchers. For me, a couple pitchers between friends are an added bonus to the eating out experience. The Pour House has a nice beer selection, both on tap and in bottles, and 3 fully stocked bars. One word of advice would be that if you go around happy hour, when there’s a Red Sox game, or on a Friday night try to get there early because it fills up quick. The Pour House is a great place to have a really good meal without breaking your pockets. You can spend less than $20 and leave satisfied.

Next on my list would be Fajita’s & Rita’s. Fajita’s & Rita’s is located right in Boston Common. It’s a nice little Mexican restaurant with a lot of personality. Fajita’s & Rita’s was my weekly Friday meeting spot all summer. Their menu includes all the favorites like fajita’s, burrito’s, and quesadillas; all of which I have had and highly recommend. Fajita’s & Rita’s rates high in my book because they offer pitchers. With the combination of the atmosphere, the good food, and a couple of $8 pitchers, it’s easy to spend hours in Fajita’s & Rita’s. While their prices are a little more expensive than The Pour House, it’s not by much. This place lives up to its name with a variety of different margaritas at the usual prices. Fajita’s & Rita’s never disappoints.

My last choice for a fun time at a restaurant or bar in Boston would be Fire & Ice during happy hour. Fire & Ice is located in the Back Bat area of Boston. It’s just a few blocks walk from the Back Bay T station. Fire & Ice is usually an expensive meal out. Fortunately, during happy hour, appetizers and beers are half priced. The only downside is that its location makes it a popular spot for everyone getting off work and it can get crowded fast. A major perk of Fire & Ice is that Monday night’s is college night, and with a college id, the unlimited dinner is $9.95 which is a major price slash from the usual.

Boston is full of fun things to do and eating out is one of them. Fajita’s & Rita’s, The Pour House, and Fire & Ice have proved to be both affordable and enjoyable. These are optimum places for college students looking for a good time, without having to eat Ramen noodles for the next week because they spent too much. I’m always looking for fun things to do in my city, and if they are really affordable it’s an added bonus. I highly recommend checking out one, if not all, of these places.

The Pour House Bar & Grill
90 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 236-1767
Hours: 8am-2am

Fajita’s & Rita’s
25 West St.
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 426-1222
Hours: 11:30-10:00 pm

Fire & Ice
205 Berkeley St.
Boston, Ma 02116
(617) 482-3473
Hours: Mon.-Thur. 4-10pm, Fri & Sat. 4-11pm, Sun.3-10pm

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